Cause and remedies of the dark and chapped lips

Dark and chapped lips Who did not desire the pink or red, soft, tempting, and plump lips? But we dint get the lips we desire because the dark lips are most common thing with most of man and women. In addition, the lips’ skin is much more delicate than the facial skin so also it needs more care than the other skin of the body. But first, we have to understand the problem before talking about the solutions.  First, we have to understand the problems and causes of the dark and chapped lips.

Cause of the dark lips, pigmentation, and premature aging of the lips.

By the consumption of caffeine

Caffeine is the ingredients that are found in the tea and coffee and consuming them lead to the heavy water loss in the body, and this affects the skin of the lips and makes the skin dry and dark.

Burns from the hot drinks

The hot drinks can slowly burn the lips and made them dark. The damage caused by the hot drinks on the lips leave the lips dark, dry, and chapped.


Not drinking enough water as per your body needs causes the dehydration to you and the effects of dehydration lead to several skin problems like a dark circle, dullness, pigmentation, wrinkles, and dark and chapped lips.

Smoking cigarettes/ hookah/ shisha/ vapes

Excessive smoking is one of the major causes of dark lips. Because when you smoke the nicotine and tar go inside of the body and reduce the transfer of the blood which leads to dark lips. The advice of HusneHeaven is to quit smoking and live a healthy life.


Certain medications can also affect the skin of the lips. In addition, the drugs given in the medication can develop the dark spots around the lips.

Vitamin deficiency

Low consumption of vitamin or low consumption of vitamin B12 leads to the lips darkens land chapped lips. A healthy diet might improve the color of the lips.

Chemical lip color and lipstick

Makeup and other beauty product like lipstick or lip color are created with the chemicals and that can damage the lips and make them dark and dry.

Lip licking and sun tan

Licking your lips, again and again, can make your lips dark and chapped.

Because the saliva in your mouth a have the strong digestive enzymes and made your lips dry and dark.

And the UV rays of the sun can damage the skin of the lips and make the lips look dry and dark.

Remedies or measure to heal and cure the lips

The skin of the lips is much thinner than the other facial skin and make the skin, so that is why it needs more care and attention than other facial skin. First, the balanced diet and the proper care of the lips can make the lip color to pink. Caring the lips and maintain the proper hydration can change the lip color and made them tempting and kissable.

Exfoliation, hydration and sun protection

Routine exfoliation helps you to remove the dead skin cells, dullness, and dark lip skin. The proper hydration made the look healthy and soft.

Exfoliation can be done with the various lip scrub and balm available but we recommend the best balm and scrub for which is the

HusneHeaven lips balm and scrub

That helps you repair the lip skin and made them look good. In addition clear, skin problems like dark, dry, chapped, and damaged lips. Which is 100 % organic and all the ingredients are natural and really good for skincare.

Here are the key ingredients that are in the HusneHeaven lip balm and scrub and are help full for the lips care.

Beetroot extract:

It is the exfoliation which helps you to lighten the lip color and make your lip vibrant and luscious.

Rose extract:  It deeply nourishes, soothes, and lighten the skin of your lips and also uses wide in the skincare product

Shea butter:

Helps you to keep your lips healthy through its vitamin E, F, and K

Which moisturize the lip skin and heal the skin.

Lemon: helps to lighten the lip color with help of its vitamin C, lemon extracts can help your lips stay luscious and healthy.

Bees Wax:

It protects the lips from the sun damage and also helps the lips to maintain the moisture of the lips and don’t let the lips to lose there moisture.

These are some of the remedies and that help you to keep your lips healthy and kissable by HusneHeaven.

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